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Researchers Mobility Centre

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Reserachers Mobility Center

The mobility of researchers is increasingly becoming an instrument of competitiveness, assumed crucial - in the context of building the European Research Area (ERA), to increase the knowledge transfer and innovation through the attraction of researchers to the EU around the world.
The creation of the European Network of Mobility Centres (EURAXESS), with support from the EC (through DG Research) and the Member States (FCT Portugal), aims to contribute to creating favorable conditions for mobility of researchers, providing support to resolution procedures (visas and residence permits, taxation, social security, housing) and in overcoming the difficulties experienced by researchers and their families when they were in a situation of mobility (working conditions, education and socio-cultural activities, ...) .

In Portugal, the FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology, is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the National Network of Mobility Centres. This national network is integrated in the European Network (EURAXESS), who has more than 200 Mobility Centres.

The University of Madeira is included in EURAXESS in order to support researchers who wish to develop their activities in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.
Information about visa:
Useful contacts:

Madeira Social Security Center
291 205 100
Tax General Directorate - Finances (Finances Portal)707 206 707www.portaldasfinancas.gov.pt
 Social Security
808 266 266
Portuguese Red Cross
219 412 219www.cruzvermelha.pt
Sé Clinic291 297 676 
 Madeira Medical Center291 003 300www.madeiramedicalcenter.pt
Funchal Customs Office
291 211 550www.dgaiec.min-financas.pt
Civil Protection Municipal Services and Municipal Firefighters
291 200 930 
Police291 208 400
Judicary Police 291 215 600
CTT Portuguese Post Office 707 262 626
Taxis www.madeira24.com
Madeira Airports
291 520 700
Real Estates
Turism Regional Office291 211 900
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For further information:
Emília Pimenta
Universidade da Madeira
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Praça do Município
9000-081 Funchal  
Phone: +351 291 209 473
Fax: +351 291 209 470
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URL: upc.uma.pt