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Research Fellows

The advanced training and qualification of human resources is a national science and technology policy priority, set out in Commitment to Science for the Future of Portugal of the XVII Constitutional Government and reaffirmed in the current government program, which aims to accelerate the convergence of scientific qualification national human resources to the levels observed in most European Union countries, in particular with regard to postgraduate training.

In this context, this regulation clarifies the conditions for the allocation of different types of grants within a framework of public investment in qualification and post-graduate training and simplifies the administrative procedures associated with the application process and the delay registo.Vencer science through advanced training and qualification of human resources, strengthening the institutions of scientific and technological research and expanding the scientific, technological development and innovation, is the great challenge which is realized by means of this regulation under the public investment in human resources in Science and Technology.


The eligibility of expenditure on recruitment of fellows is subject to compliance with this document Rules for the Allocation and Management Scholarship in the Field Project and Institutional R & D as well as the Regulations for Advanced Training and Qualification of Human Resources and Scholarship Statute for Scientific Research (Law 40/2004 of 18 August).

Nevertheless, we stress the need for consultation with Regulations Grants Committee institutions to attach the pouch, where they have been previously approved by the FCT, IP, under the Statute of the Scientific Research Fellow.
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(Decreto-Lei n.º 40/2004, de 18 de Agosto).