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BrandMyMail na Forbes Online e TechCrunch

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BrandMyMail na Forbes Online e TechCrunch


BrandMyMail was started by Shay Rojansky, Limor Schweitzer and Roberto Varela, and is based in Funchal, Portugal. It currently has €227,000+ (EUR) in angel funding.

BrandMyMail is a new service that allows business and consumer users to add dynamic content within their email messages. The service features content in a way that is well beyond simple email signatures. It allows businesses to connect email communication with social networks.

Users are able to customize messages to their exact tastes, and can choose to include real-time content from sources including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, eBay, popular blog services, and RSS feeds. Emails are routed through the BrandMyMail system and securely delivered to the intended recipient within seconds.

Founded in 2011 by entrepreneurs from Israel and Portugal, BrandMyMail is a new channel for self-promotion that stands apart from other marketing initiatives. For more information, visit www.BrandMyMail.com.

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