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OTIC-TeCMU - Technology & Knowledge Transfer Workshop

Madeira University through Project OTIC - TeCMU, aims to promote I+D+T+I initiatives, encouraging the research results transfer to the business environment, in order to create real incentives for innovation and RAM competitiveness. The project is presented by Madeira University in partnership with the following entities: Madeira Business and Inovation Center, Lda. / BIC Madeira (CEIM) and Madeira Science and Technology Park - Madeira Tecnopolo, S.A. (MT) - under GAPI network - no âmbito da Rede GAPI - Industrial Property Promotion Office, promoted by Industrial Property National Institute (INPI).


OTIC-TeCMU vision

OTIC-TeCMU presents itself as an interface between organizations initiative, for the organizations recognized for having an important role in the field of production and transfer of knowledge, technology transfer and Entrepreneurship & Inovation promotion.


OTIC-TeCMU mission

TeCMU positions its mission in the increment of interactions between scientific and technologic units and business activity, to promote processes/por forma a promover processos/offer related projects – technology search, suitable to the real needs of the regional market and to streamline procedures for the transfer of the bid for the business and technology based start-up's and spin out's, well as initiatives to strenghten the Intelectual and Industrial Property diffusion.


OTIC-TeCMU objectives 
  1. The survey and technology offer identification developed within the Madeira University, in order to leverage processes, technology transfer and marketing of this offer in the middle and business initiatives focused on RAM;
  2. The detection of environmental needs and business initiatives that can be addressed through technological innovations that could be developed trough UMa;

  3. Contibution to the growth of partnerships and cooperation between UMa and business initiatives as it relates to the design, monitoring and / or development of joint R+D+T+I;

  4. The effort to make the University more cognizant of regional business reality, in order to provide a better performance with the regional market, trough the adequacy of training, as well as speciallized training in a long life learning perspective.

  5. Protect and manage Intelectual Property (IP) resulting from the R&D, whether developed by UMa and/or in cooperation partnerships with laboratories or regional/national/internacional research centers;

  6. Promote and support the creation of innovative technology-based companies, in order to promote the implementation and transposition into the RAM business initiatives, with interconnection to research activities and the development carried out by research units (Spin Outs);

  7. Drafting technology transfer contracts (licensing agreements and/or grant);

  8. Confidentiality agreements preparation between the actors in the technology transfer process;

  9. Protocol establishment with the INPI - Insdustrial Property National Institute so that the University may obtain exemption from certain fees, specially those related with inventions protection (patents and utility models);

  10. Support the commercialization of research results by adapting its organization/structure to the anounced objectives;

Documents to download:
icon University of Madeira Industrial Property Regulation (726.64 kB)

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SEE Project– Business Simulation and Entrepreneurship

The SEE project - Business Simulation and Entrepreneurship has as its central contribution to the growth of entrepreneurship in RAM, by increasing knowledge, technical and renovation skills and consolidation of professional practice, personal and behavioral stimulus to the development of entrepreneurial skills in the business of the region. A second goal of crucial importance to the project is to facilitate and promote business oportunities in a simulated environment, aimed at employability and the creation of enterprises with organization competences and management in face of the increasingly competitive market, with the support and guidance of teachers and academic advisors, using the appropriate information and communication technologies, logical means of information systems and integrated management.

In practical terms, the nature of innovation that will explore/boost through the project will find expression among the different target audiences and locatable:

  • In the population that attends higher education in RAM and particulary UMa students, in a extracurricular context, outside of the syllabus of their courses and in volunteer ways;

  • On students that attend technical and high school in RAM;

  • Along with RAM business;

  • Through cooperation with strategic project partners and the specifity of their field activities (AJEM, CEIM, SRE).

The Business Simulation being a key instrument of project intervention is as component wich optimal use is enhanced with the development, in parallel component of Entrepreneurship versus Business creation.

Business Simulation and Entrepreneurship Laboratory (in project)



Business Simulation and Entrepreneurship Laboratory


Business Simulation and Entrepreneurship Laboratory (operational)


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